Skinhead bands list contains a list of bands that are associated with Skinhead subculture. There is no official Skinhead music genre. At different periods of development skinhead culture different music styles were popular. Originally skinhead subculture was associated with black popular music genres such as rocksteady, soul, ska, early reggae and 2 Tone. In late 1970s skinheads began to turn to punk rock bands, such as Sham 69, Menace. In the late 1970s, after the first wave of punk rock, many skinheads embraced Oi!, a working class punk subgenre. Cockney Rejects was the most popular band of the time among the skinheads. In the 1980s American Oi! began, with bands such as The Press, Iron Cross, U.S. Chaos. Lately, more and more bands that are associated with the skinheads have a clear political orientation and propagate their political views through their songs.

Warning, some of these bands in their songs promote Nazism and racial hatred. We don’t promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial, sexual, or religious intolerance, or promote organizations with such views. We only mention the fact that these bands are popular among skinheads.

List of Skinhead bands a-z

4-skins (UK) – Oi! punk rock band from the East End of London, England.

ABH (UK) – Oi! punk band from Lowestoft, England.
Anti-Heros (USA) – Oi!/street punk band from Atlanta, Georgia.
American Eagle (USA) – Oi!/Hardcore band from Brooklyn, New York.
Almighty Lumberjacks Of Death (USA) – Punk band from Detroit, Michigan.
Arresting Officers (USA) – Oi! band from Philadelphia.
Anti-Social (UK) – Punk band from Aberdeen, Scotland.
Angelic Upstarts (UK) – Punk rock/Oi! band from South Shields, England.

Blitz (UK) – Street punk band from New Mills, Derbyshire, England.
Bunker 84 (FR) –
Brigada Flores Magon (FR) – Oi! band from France
Brutal Attack (UK) – RAC band from England.
Breakdown (USA) – Hardcore band from Yonkers, New York.
Böhse Onkelz (GER) – Punk rock band from Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Bruisers (USA) – Streetpunk/oi band from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Brute Force (USA) – Oi! band from New York.
Bull The Buffalos (JPN) – RAC band from Tokyo.
Battlezone (UK/PERU) –
Bound For Glory (USA) -RAC band from Minnesota.

cock sparrer

Cock Sparrer (UK) – Punk rock band from East End, London, England.
Cockney Rejects (UK) – Punk rock band from East End, London, England.
Cro-Mags (USA) – Hardcore punk/crossover thrash band from New York City.
Combat 84 (UK) – Oi! band from Chelsea, London.
Condemned 84 (UK) – Oi!/Street Punk band from Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
Close Shave (UK) – Oi!/R.A.C band from Birmingham, England.
Cold As Life (USA) – Hardcore punk band from Detroit, Michigan.
Cobra (JPN) – Punk/Oi! band from Osaka.
Camera Silens (FR) – Punk band from Bordeaux.
Criminal Class (UK) – Punk band from Coventry, England.
Cracker Jacks (JPN) – Oi! band from Japan.

cockney rejects

Die Alliierten (GER) – Oi! band from Germany.
Descibelios (ESP) – Oi! band from Barcelona, Spain.
Dirlewanger (SWE) –

Eastern Youth (JPN) – Punk rock band from Hokkaidō, Japan.
Evil Skins (FR) – RAC band from France.
Endstufe (GER) – Oi! band from Germany.
Elite Terror (USA) – R.A.C band from USA.
English Rose (UK) – White Power band from England.


Grievance Committee (USA) –
Gonads (UK) – Punk/oi! band from London, England.
Garotos Podres (Br)- Punk rock/crossover band from São Paulo, Brazil.

Headstrong (CAN) – Rock band from Canada.

Indecent Exposure (UK) – Oi! Band from England.
Infa Riot (UK) –
Immoral Discipline (USA) – Oi!Core band from Washington D.C.


Kicker Boys (USA) – Oi! band from USA.
Klasse Kriminale (IT) – Oi!/ska punk band from Italy.

Lionheart (UK) – Hard rock band from England.
Legion 88 (FR) –
Last Resort (UK) –
Lockjaw (USA) – Punk band from England.
L’Infanterie Sauvage (FR) – Oi!/punk band from France.

Moonstomp (USA) –
Mistreat (FIN) – Hard rock/Oi! from Finland.
Mustard Plug (USA) – Ska punk band from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Niblick Henbane (USA) – Oi!/Punk band from New Jersey.
No Remorse (UK) –
New Glory (USA) –
Nabat (IT) –

Ovaltinees (UK) – Punk/Rock band from London, England.

Public Enemy (UK) –
Peggior Amico (IT) – Oi! band from Italy.

Quick and The Dead (AUS) –

Red Alert (UK) – Punk/oi! band from Sunderland, England.
Red London (UK) – Punk band from London, England.

Skinkorps (FR) – Oi! band from France.
Skullhead (UK) – RAC band from the Newcastle.
Stars And Stripes (USA) – Punk band from Boston, Massachusetts.
Slapshot (USA) – Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts.
Störkraft (GER) –
Sheer Terror (USA) – American hardcore punk band from New York City.
Skrewdriver (UK) – Skinhead rock band from Blackpool, England.
Snix (FR) – Oi! band from France.

The Allstonians (USA) – Ska/reggae band from Allston, Massachusetts.
The Strike (UK)
The Press (USA) – Oi! band from New York City.
The Partisans (UK) – Punk rock band from Wales.
The Allegiance (USA) –
The Abused (USA) –
The Business (UK) – Oi!/punk rock band from England.
The Rogues (USA) –
The Oppressed (UK) – Anti-fascist Oi! band from Cardiff, Wells.
The Porkers (AU) – Ska punk band from Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.
The Selecter (UK) – 2 Tone/Ska revival band from Coventry, England.

Ultima Thule (SWE) – Rock band from Sweden.

Vicious Rumors (UK) –
Vengeance (UK) –
Virus 27 (Bra) – Hardcore Punk/Streetpunk/Oi! band from Brazil.

Warrior Kids (FR) – Punk rock band from France.
White Noise (AUS) –
Warzone (USA) – Hardcore band from Manhattan, New York.
Wretched Ones (USA) – Oi! band from Midland Park, New Jersey.


Youth Defense League (USA) – Punkcore band from New York.
Young Blood (USA) – Street Punk/Oi band from Orange, California.