Various definitions of skinheads:

Skinhead: Aggressively working-class puritans in big industrial boots, jeans rolled up high to reveal them, hair cut to the skull, braces and a violence and racism earned for them the title ‘bovver boys’, ‘bootboys’.
Skinhead definition by Michael Brake in his book Comparative youth culture.

Skinhead; skin: A member of a youth fashion and gang movement, characterised by close-cropped or shaven scalp and smart utilitarian wear, associated with football hooliganism, racist violence and neo-Nazism. Early in the 1970s Richard Allen, a pseudonym of James Moffat (1922–93), published a series of ‘youthsploitation’ novels under the general title Skinhead UK, 1969.
Skinhead definition by The Concise New Partridge Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

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The skinheads are an international politico-cultural youth movement with a crude white racist and Nazi ideology. They are recognizable by their shaven heads, steel-toed boots, and tattoos, and they listen to what they call “Oi” music.
Skinhead definition by Stephen D. Shenfield in his book Russian fascism